Two poems by Miriam Barrett

Me Too


I read once that Vincent Van Gogh would eat yellow paint
because he thought it would make him happier
in the summer time I used to spend weeks upside down
in cartwheels and underwater handstands
now the upside down is taxi rides alone with monsters
and creating entire movements with our minds
we could run home and tell our mothers we are huge
tell our fathers we’ve mastered telekinesis and throw
another burned up memory into the pile
without moving an inch


as I lay in the grass


I noticed how many things a cloud can look like
and I saw a cloud that looked like my mother
young and tired and holding her cloud babies
I saw a cloud that looked like an island
and all the other clouds made the ocean
sometimes it was hard to draw the line between them
but then the clouds draw the line for me
some clouds look like body parts
two long legs two soft breasts
I like to put those clouds together into a fluffy cloud woman
too high up for any man to touch
I saw a cloud that looked like a tortoise building a sandcastle
or a wheelbarrow arm in arm with a stop sign
some clouds look just like other clouds
and isn’t that right
how we can look like what we are but be so different



Miriam Barrett is 22 and from Stourbridge. She has been published in Rising and is influenced by A.K. Blakemore and Emily Berry. Miriam is currently studying an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Hertfordshire. She has been writing since she was 18, starting out as a prose writer before moving into poetry when she was 20.


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