Black Country Poetry: Laura Liptrot’s A-Z of beautiful…




A is for us avoiding
starches of any kind.
B is beating the urge
to nibble on bacon rind.

C: cutting the calories
that make you look like a beast.
D is for the doctor’s
if you overdose on yeast.

E for evil E numbers
the most fiendish of all fiends.
F is feeling enormous
if you don’t eat up your greens.

G: a gluttonous appetite.
Being full-up is a sin.
If you eat when you are hungry
you’ll never be sexy and thin.

H, the fashionista’s friend
Hunger, and hurt as well.
I is for ‘I am a model
and all my photographs sell!’

J is for: its justified
to be shapely as a stick.
Sticks are beautiful, you know
so go on a diet, quick!

K is kissing the backsides
Of magazines everywhere.
They tell me I am ugly.
But me? I just don’t care.

L is for Laura Liptrot
who’s happy in her own skin.
I don’t cry at the mirror
even though I’m fat, not thin.

M is for me: I’m what I am
no, I’m not two-point-five stone
But magazines won’t break me
won’t make me skin and bone.

N is: No! I won’t conform!
O is for ‘Oh what the hell?’
I just refuse to diet,
If you can’t already tell.

P is: please be what you want
you’re perfect as you are.
Q is for questioning why
we can’t see it: it’s bizarre!

R is: right! I’ve had enough!
S is for stuff the weighing.
T is for: thanks but no thanks
‘I’m fine’ is what I’m saying.

U is: u can be happy
looking the way that you do.
If they try to criticise
just say: was I asking you?

V is being very content
With a decent healthy meal.
and not having to pretend
I don’t feel the way I feel.

W: well that’s enough,
I’ve talked for far too long.
An alphabet to tell you
I can’t see anything wrong

with being a little robust
and healthy on the inside.
Size 18 is what I am
I see no reason to hide.

X is what I’d love to say
to agents of beauty queens
who sell self-hatred en masse
to young, impressionable teens.

Y is: why does it matter
if people say I’m fat?
Zed is zip it, I don’t care
I’m me: I’m happy with that.


Laura Liptrot

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I have always been a keen writer of prose and plays ever since I was a child, and began exploring poetry about a year ago. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the form and haven’t been able to stop! This is the first of my poems ever to be published and for me, it’s a fantastic way of declaring my identity. I’m happy with who I am, even though I’m not everyone’s idea of ‘beautiful’, and I think it’s really important for people to be able to feel comfortable in their own skin.

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