Best British Birds

A new book featuring poetry and art inspired by Britain’s urban birds is out now. DIVERSIFLY emerged from a project about our everyday encounters with the birds of Britain’s towns and cities.

In addition to the book, a series of podcasts, including one taking an urban bird walk through central Stourbridge, is available to listen to for free.

Nadia Kingsley, of Fairacre Press, said: ‘We enlisted the help of Birdwatching Magazine, and the British Trust for Ornithology and asked people to share their photos and descriptions of their own everyday encounters with the birds of  Britain’s towns and cities.’

Robin Tony Hay
Tony Hay, ‘Robin’


‘We published a full-colour paperback book called DIVERSIFLY –  filled with your submissions – plus some commissioned work from some rather brilliant artists and poets.’

The book was recently longlisted for a Saboteur Award.


Giancarlo Facchinetti and Nadia Kingsley recorded six nature poets and urban birder Brett Westwood in Stourbridge, and a series of podcasts was made featuring (among others) Jonathan Edwards, Liz Lefroy, Keith Chandler, John Siddique, Emma Purshouse, David Calcutt, Tom Wentworth, Nadia Kingsley and Andrew Fusek Peters.

Thrush in guelder rose Deborah Vass
‘Thrush in guelder rose’ Deborah Vass

The book is available at the Fairacre Press website.

Fairacre Press, based in Oswestry, Shropshire, was shortlisted for the BBC Countryfile Magazine Awards and made the Guardian’s Best Nature Books of 2017 list with Beyond Spring.

 Banner image: ‘Magpie’ Giancarlo Facchinetti