The city in photographs: Matthew Hark


I always wanted to photograph people, however, in a quest to find something overlooked, I moved towards urban architecture. Discovering a new way of seeing, I started to uncover insights into the most common features of the city, photographing often ignored structures.


I previously thought of buildings as surrounding us and trapping us. One day I looked closer and was intrigued by the textures found in the ordinary architecture of the urban landscape.

The asphalt roads, roughness of rundown buildings, or buttery light reflecting on the surfaces of the city … these are the textural and enticing subjects that mean something. Still being quite young, I found photographing the reality and true exquisiteness of the everyday quite a discovery!

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Using digital and film formats, I have focused on the scale and reality of the environment we live in to consider the truth and depth of structural features we pass every day.

I challenged myself to photograph the untold story of these architectural subjects in a celebratory manner that highlights their nature.

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In another black and white film project, I continued this trend but with a twist…  emphasising the power between nature and humanity through capturing the passivity of architectural structures, construction sites, abandoned places; the overlooked spots of the urban environment; the silent and passive clash of nature and man…

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Photography gives us the ability to capture the real. We have a plethora of devices that can instantly photograph a scene in a moment of reality; thus, photography has the power to document the truthful. However, like any art form, photographs can easily be manipulated.

Like a painter, adding or taking away a piece of the accurate capture hides the truth under layers of desire.

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Matthew Hark is an art student currently studying BA(Hons) Photography at University of Wolverhampton. Previously he studied BTEC L3 IT, BTEC L3 Media Production and A Level Photography at New College, Telford. He focuses mainly on landscape and architectural photography and in his academic studies is continuously experimenting with his approach and interests in art forms and the history and ongoing development of technology and cinematography.