Black Country Poetry: Weaving Dreams, by Santosh Kumari


Weaving Dreams


For no found reason, I begin to weave
removing the layers of ifs and buts,
mulling over the maybes, possibilities,
gliding through darkness to find dawn.

For no found reason, I begin to weave
in the rain, happy rainbows.
Stars sparkling like my koka,
treading on thorns to enchanted places.

For no found reason, I begin to weave;
reaching out, boundless, limitless
like the seconds on a clock.
My bindi smiles as I fly on magic rugs.

For no found reason – I have woven,
dropped stitches, stained with loss,
held together with fine golden thread.
Done! My dreams have been woven.


Punjabi words: Koka – nose jewel, Bindi – forehead jewel



SantoshSantosh is a member of the Punjabi Women’s Writing Group and attends a creative writing course run by Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) in Wolverhampton. She read her stories at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival earlier this year and the performance was received with great interest.  Santosh has also read her work at Diwali and Vaisakhi with other Punjabi Women. The WEA is publishing her Journey poem which was developed on World Poetry day during a workshop in March 2019 as part of an anthology.

She took early retirement from social work with the local council office to spend time with her family.