Psychedelia Exhibition

Take a trip through time at a new exhibition curated by Tom Hicks and Dr Jane Webb from the University of Wolverhampton’s School of Art and Design…

The Cabinet of Psychedelic Curiosities at Wolverhampton Art Gallery explores the psychedelic art, music and fashion of the 1960s. There are original books, zines, album covers and merchandise from the era, creating a colourful explosion of nostalgia.

A careful curatorial ordering of the far out imaginings of loved-up artists, musicians and writers underpins this exhibition.

From the first 60s prints inspired by Art Nouveau designs to the full flowering of 1967’s Summer of Love, the exhibition takes you on a magical mystery tour through a bright and colourful fusion of pop music and art.

Make sure you see the original vinyl records from leading artists of the era, and the extensive collection of Beatles memorabilia.

In addition, copies of OZ magazine, the counter-culture journal, and contemporary literary works and children’s books provide a literary backdrop to the explosion of artworks on display.

The exhibition runs until 3 June.