“Working with Louise on this project allowed me to grow substantially, not only as a writer but also as a creative professional. I gained skills which ultimately played a key role in me securing a full-time career as an editor for a publishing company. The Arts Foundry gave me wonderful experiences, including speaking at Wolverhampton Literature Festival and working with talented new writers.”

–  Storm Mann, Fiction Editor



“I found Louise both receptive and perceptive, and this was born out by the excellent article she wrote for the very worthwhile Black Country Arts Foundry. The piece was about the relationship between my sculpture and the poetry I write – often to generate ideas in the third dimension. It was a pleasure to work with her and I found it a very fruitful collaboration.”

– Michael Lyons, Sculptor



“This project has put Black Country arts onto the world stage, and supported new and emerging artists in the area. As a West Midlands publisher I fully support this and future associated projects.”

– Nadia Kingsley
Editor of the award-winning Fair Acre Press



“The two lectures Louise gave were some of the most useful of the entire course. Her enthusiasm rubs off and her encouragement to have a go at being an art critic proved a really valuable lesson, which enabled me to look at the art I create from a different viewpoint. She gave me the confidence to write about art, and published my first review on the Arts Foundry page.”

–  Natalie Jones, Artist


“I was amazed when I was told my story was publishable. It was the last thing I expected and I still find the thought of it really exciting and a bit overwhelming. My tutors and fellow students have been excited for me too, which is great.”

– Fiona Dye, Writer



“Wolverhampton and the Black Country are often viewed as the poor cousins to Birmingham. I feel the Arts Foundry provides a unique and much-needed opportunity for those based outside the second city to share the writing and art of others in the area. As the Arts Foundry website states, it is about “identity and culture…it’s about place, and trying to find your place”.

–  Lynn Butler, Journalist



“I have worked with Louise several times during her residency; my work was published on the Arts Foundry website, I attended a workshop she ran as part of Wolverhampton Literature Festival and I read a story live, also at the literature festival. The workshop included a wide range of attendees from across the community. I found Louise’s expertise and passion for the short story inspirational and the live reading was a hugely enjoyable experience. Louise’s ability to engage the audience made the event a success.”

–  Jason Jawando, Writer



“My work was handled and published very professionally. The blog itself is beautifully designed, and Louise’s contact with me as a contributor was always clear and friendly. Louise used her activity on both Twitter and Facebook to promote the blog, and I felt my work was given plenty of opportunity to reach an audience. The blog is full of interesting and varied content, and I hope it has a longer life.”

–  Jean Atkin, Poet



“Louise assisted me in developing an article and encouraged me to approach regional and national press outlets with a view to it being published. It was accepted by the Sunday Mercury and appeared as a full-page lead. This was a great boost to my confidence as a writer and student.”

–  Lynn Butler