What have you done today to make you feel proud…

It can be hard to know how to keep occupied through the long days of lockdown, but lacemakers are used to keeping busy!

Lacemaking is a time-honoured tradition that is being kept alive by the dedication to detail of enthusiasts across the world. The Lace Guild is the leading national organisation for lace in the UK is based in the Black Country, with a membership across Britain and beyond.

The Lace Guild has its HQ, The Hollies, in Wordsley, near Stourbridge, and although the building is currently closed, their membership has been very active on social media, keeping each other going through these difficult months.

Here’s what some of them have been working on recently. You will be able to detect a broad range of techniques and interests, from bobbin lace to needle lace and more contemporary approaches, too…

Projects range from Flanders lace, Bedfordshire Lace, Bucks lace and needle lace decorations, to lace knitting and pieces of assessed work. The Lace Guild performs regular assessments for members, so if you have always wanted to up your game, then consider membership as a way to improve… assessments resume next year.

Despite lockdown and all the current restrictions on normal life, lacemaking continues to be an important artistic practice, keeping traditions alive and enhancing textile art through a blend of technique and innovation.

If you would like to find out more about a lace group near you, The Lace Guild (based in the UK) has more information at its website. Although many won’t be meeting in person, it could be worth looking up groups local to you, to see if there are activities online.

Banner image: Christine Kingsley-Chase

The Lace Guild has received a Recovery Grant from Arts Council England through the West Midlands Museum Development Programme, with additional funding from Art Fund.

The grant assists organisations looking to reopen and helps with public engagement.